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Sales and Distribution

So now our warehouse is full and the catalogues have been printed. But, alas, our customers don't automatically start beating down our door, instead we have to put our products on the market. At the end of the day, you are our customers – but there are of course bookstores, toyshops, museum shops and all the rest to think about. It is on their doors that our sales representatives, key account managers and sales director knock (the sales director always knocks a little louder…). We have to admit that our sales team’s task is a thankless one. For when sales are booming, everyone says our excellent books are selling themselves, but when sales aren’t so great, it’s naturally their fault. Fortunately however, our sales are such that our sales team always manages to escape unscathed. So now you know: if you're one of our customers and we can do anything for you – the ladies and gentlemen at sales will gladly take your call.