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Product Management "Book"

Let's start off by saying who doesn't work here: The authors who write books don't work at publishing houses at all. Neither do the people who illustrate those books and take the photos. These are freelancers, sitting at home in their lonely chambers, staring at blank sheets of paper and chewing their pencils. Occasionally, someone in our publishing house gets an idea for a book or a game. Then we ask an author to write or design it for us. Other times, an author approaches the publishing house with an idea. Then we receive a manuscript, complete with photos or illustrations and thus, so to speak, we have the raw material for a book or a game, which lands on the table of our editing department. Our copy editors, however, are called product managers because, over and above the classical job of editing, they are also responsible for the design of the book or game cover, the selection of illustrations or photographs, the contracts, monitoring the market and a thousand other things - for the success of their products, in other words.