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The Management

So now we have explained in minute detail how books are made and how such a small publisher works, you could probably run the place yourself, couldn’t you? That’s exactly what the two older gentlemen in the photo thought (Far left: Gerd Herterich, Far right: Achim Tebartz) and they did precisely that for the first 20 years or so.

In autumn 2017, they then handed over the reins to Nina Tebartz (easy to identify as the only woman in the photo) and Björn Wandtke (second from left). After all, maintaining continuity is the goal for all of us. Not only in terms of managing the company, but in satisfying our customers above all else. That’s why nothing has changed with regards to our motto “One more idea” either. At the same time, the company now has new impetus as we wish to continue to convince you–our customers–with creative, innovative products. They should continue to look beautiful with great packaging and be of premium quality.

These high standards keep us and our team nice and busy. But because you have just met the entire team here, you are bound to be equally convinced that we will still be able to captivate our customers with great products.

Thank you for your interest in moses. Verlag – you’ve proved it by making it this far through the text!

Warm regards,
Your “Managing Directors and Partners” department