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Rights / Licences

Have you read the novel Den femte kvinann? No?
Perhaps you know The Fifth Woman by Henning Mankell? That’s its English title.
Since you're not able to read the original (due to your limited Swedish), a British publishing house has acquired the rights from the book’s Swedish publisher, had the text translated and put it on the market.

This way of doing things doesn’t just apply to novels, it also goes for non-fiction books – and even children’s books. We, therefore, can sell the publishing rights to our successful books in foreign countries.
That is one of the reasons why our book 365 Experiments for Every Day is available in China, Korea, Greece and many other countries – in their languages of course. And our 'black-as-night black stories' are now being sold in more than 24 countries.

So if (just for argument’s sake) you wanted to buy the rights for Papua New Guinea, then you could approach our foreign rights expert with confidence. She’s sure to make you a good offer.