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Product Management "Board Games"

We have a third area of our product range alongside books and non-books: games.
But games is a very general term. To be precise we do children’s games, family games, card games, games involving patience, communication games, word games, puzzles, and games involving mental exercises.

To preside over this area we have two 'professional game-players'. Cushy job, you may well think? Playing all day long and getting paid for it?
But, games aside, nowhere is quite so much time and effort spent on development. Nowhere else do we test more and test more carefully. We play countless rounds of each game we develop. Is it fun? Can you understand the rules? Does the game progress as intended? Is the duration about right? And so on and so forth. Then there’s the packaging design and pricing. Phew! With so much work, a better name than professional game-player would be 'Games Area Product Manager' – and that is what they are called.